The Decentralists – Hot Topix: The Game Stops Here 2 – Robinhood Exposed

Robinhood, the stock trading and investment app  used by Reddit users to trigger a meltdown on Wall Street, can’t seem to keep out of the headlines, and not for good reasons. 

Robinhood is being sued for wrongful death and is facing over 30 class-action lawsuits. What’s more insidious is how Robinhood makes money, and more importantly, who’s benefiting from it.

Why do hedge funds and high frequency traders love Robinhood?

How does Robinhood gamify the stock market?

Why is front-running a concern?

Despite multiple lawsuits and questionable tactics to lure novice investors, it seems that having a myriad of wealthy venture capitalists in their corner is serving Robinhood well.