Manyone Mobile

Use the world’s first self-sovereign mobile messaging app and put the power of a fully encrypted personal network in the palm of your hand.

Truly Secure Messaging

Privacy is an important right. Nobody should have access to your personal information and communications but you, and those you choose to share with.

Unlike other messaging apps which track your movements and lay claim to your data, Manyone lets you connect with friends, family, and associates securely and privately. Any information shared belongs to you, and you have complete control over the creation and moderation of your network.

What’s up?

Manyone Mobile has been in development since February 2018 and is nearing its public release.


At this time we are inviting a small number of interested people to use the app and provide testing data and personal feedback.

Keep talking.

Whether you are a staunch decentralist, a technology early adopter, or just someone looking for a little privacy when messaging friends, we want to invite you to be among the first to use our app and help build a safer, more secure Internet.

How do I sign up?

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