The Decentralists – Hot Topix: An Epic Victory?

A little over a year ago on The Decentralists – Store Wars, we talked about the looming legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, maker of Fortnite.  

In a high profile trial, Epic Games had challenged the up-to-30% cut Apple takes from purchases – and argued that the App Store was monopolistic. 

Epic games declared victory when Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers Issued a permanent injunction, stating that Apple could no longer prohibit developers linking to their own purchasing mechanisms.

Apple also claimed victory when the Judge ruled that with the evidence provided, the court could not consider Apple a monopolist

Epic is appealing the decision.

What does this decision mean for iPhone users and for Epic?  In this episode The Decentralists will unpack this decision and explain why it might be the beginning of the end of the App Store monopolies.