The Decentralists – Episode 3: Identity Expert Dr. Geoffrey Goodell

On this episode, we have a very exciting guest—Dr. Geoffrey Goodell.

Dr. Goodell is a Senior Research Associate of Computer Science at University College London. Previous to his academic career, he spent roughly a decade in the financial sector, having served most recently as Partner and Chief Investment Officer of a boutique asset management firm based in Boston. 

One of Dr. Goodell’s key interests is ‘identity’ and how it affects the ‘always-online’ world we navigate. Every human being on the planet has an identity—or at least should have one. As an exercise in personal autonomy, an identity allows us to establish relationships, build trust, and make financial transactions.

Not all identities are alike—in this episode, Dr. Goodell explains that some identities are given privilege while others are denied. In a world where surveillance capitalism reigns supreme, everything we do is watched, catalogued, and judged.

Who deserves to issue an identity? How does identity affect the world around us? How important is self-sovereignty?

Dr. Goodell explains these complex issues in a way that’s easy to understand. Make sure to listen to this spellbinding episode of The Decentralists.