The Decentralists – Episode 10: Why Decentralization Matters: A conversation with Transitional Justice advocate Dr. Jon Unruh

This week on The Decentralists we have a very special guest, Dr. Jon Unruh, Transitional Justice advocate and Associate Professor of Geography at McGill University in Montreal. 

Dr. Unruh has over 25 years’ experience in developing and implementing research, policy and practice on war-affected land and property rights in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia – and has published widely on these topics. His specialty is housing, land and property (or HLP) restitution claims in war-affected scenarios. Most recently, he has assisted the UN in HLP restitution programs in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Syria and Yemen; and he’s currently working on a digital media approach for mass HLP restitution claims for refugees and internally dislocated persons in Syria and Iraq.

What Transitional Justice and what role does it play in helping displaced people and refugees?

What is Home Land and Property data? and why is documenting it so critical to refugees and displaced people? 

Join us the week for an engaging and illuminating discussion about Transitional Justice and why it is important to healing the wounds of war.

 in this episode we call it Home LIFE and Property data, our apologies but after listening to this episode you might agree with us that it’s more about life than just land…