The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Seeing Red or Feeling Blue?

The US General Election has just ended (kinda), and we are chomping at the bit to talk about it.

As President Trump continues to deny the outcome of the election (Joe Biden received the most votes for a single candidate in U.S. history)—it feels on-brand that Trump would refuse to concede. So, what role will social media play in the aftermath of this contentious vote count?

In this era of uncertainty, what can we be certain about?

What does this mean for the Internet?

What happens next regarding the regulation of Big Tech?

Even though the election is over, there’s still confusion about America’s future. This confusion is magnified by social media. Do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have a social responsibility to report the facts?

You may be seeing red or feeling blue but no matter how you feel, this ain’t over yet!