The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Clearview in the rearview?

Clearview AI, the tech company that provides facial recognition services, has been a source of controversy for quite some time—we’ve previously blogged about them. A recent investigation found that Clearview AI’s “scraping of billions of images … represented mass surveillance and was a clear violation of the privacy rights of Canadians.”  

Clearview stopped offering its services in Canada in 2020 and suspended its contract with the RCMP—but an ongoing investigation (by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada) is looking into the RCMP’s past use of Clearview’s services. 

In the U.S. it seems that Clearview AI wants to take matters of facial recognition privacy to the supreme court

Why is Clearview AI so problematic?

Why is law enforcement use of Clearview AI’s technology such a concern?

Is this the most egregious example of surveillance capitalism out there?

In this episode, we discuss why no company should ever put our right to privacy at risk.