The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Big Tech Braces for Both Biden and Trump

No matter the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, if you’re one of the FAANGs (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), this election does not bode well—both Biden and Trump want to regulate Big Tech. Whether Republicans or Democrats control the U.S. government, Big Tech is in for a reckoning.

Democrats want to break up Big Tech because of antitrust concerns. Republicans want to dismantle Section 230—which frees Big Tech of liability for the content their users post on their platforms. Both possibilities scare Big Tech.

Is Big Tech abusing their monopolies? Who should be liable for content posted on social networks? How much does regulation threaten Big Tech?

In this episode of The Decentralists, we delve deep into the regulatory quagmire. There’s a tough road ahead for Big Tech.