The Decentralists – Game Changers: A new approach to Self-sovereign Identity on a Blockchain, with special guest, Ali Farahbakhsh

The Decentralists are introducing a new segment called Game Changers.  

Great ideas often become Game Changers and we will talk to the people behind their creation!

On this episode we chat with Ali Farahbakhsh, Master of Applied Science student at the University of British Columbia. Ali has dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, with a broad range of research interests including communication networks, information theory, and distributed systems. 

Over the summer, Ali was a research Intern with the Peer Social Foundation, designing a purpose-built blockchain for digital identity using a new, self-sovereign consensus model.   

Ali’s whitepaper, Self-Sovereign Identity Based on Blockchain –  A Design Roadmap is available for viewing from the Peer Social and Manyone websites, under a new content category, Game Changers.