The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Deception, Destruction and Resurrection in Ukraine

Is there hope for the millions of brand-new refugees who’ve lost absolutely everything?

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Game Changers

The Decentralists – Game Changers: Can Decentralization and Blockchain technology help Refugees? with special guest Sadaf Ahmadbeigi, UBC Masters Student

How do we guarantee safety and transparency of personal identities and records in an ever-rising number of unstable states and economies worldwide?

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The Decentralists – Episode 10: Why Decentralization Matters: A conversation with Transitional Justice advocate Dr. Jon Unruh

This week on The Decentralists we have a very special guest, Dr. Jon Unruh, Transitional Justice advocate and Associate Professor of Geography at McGill University in Montreal.  Dr. Unruh has over…

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