Creating, owning, and controlling your digital identity has never been easier or more secure.


The Future is Self-Sovereign

No third parties—authorize, verify, and share information and connections with the self-sovereign mobile Manyone App.


You Control What You Share

Share messages, pictures, and files, with who you want—over your very own private network. Manyone’s unique approach to data keeps your messages, pictures, and files secure.


Self-Sovereign Identity on a Blockchain

Take ownership of your digital identity by writing it on your own private blockchain.


The Safest Way to Connect

Secure, encrypted connections with your friends, your employees, and your government.

About Us

From a series of world events that put Manyone into motion to the incredible team that has been created along the way—take a look at Manyone’s journey, so far.



Be sure to listen to our Podcast, The Decentralists. Each week we will shine a spotlight on current events and issues that are connected to social media, privacy, and self-sovereign identity.

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